Processor is a continuously improving Discord bot that is very efficient in getting the basic tasks done, and effective in getting the advanced stuff done. It is currently in development by Isopropyl#9371. It has received very positive feedback from reviewers who use this bot in their Discord servers.

Here are some reviews:

Amazing Bot, It has really good Commands that help a lot with your server, I recommend this bot as a Must Have!



I love this bot! Tbh Processor is just a useful bot that I think people should give a try. It does basically everything the top bots do, and more! I also like how it works in custom ways on some of my servers. Great job making this bot! Would definitely recommend giving it a try!


Those are a few of the many positive reviews Processor has received! It satisfies all of your server’s needs for moderation and has many unique commands, too! Processor is always online and is on many Discord bot listings!

Processor’s default help command is